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Ecosystem Map: San Diego County’s Criminal-Legal and Behavioral Health Systems

Fast Facts

San Diego is the second largest county in the State of California with over 3.3 million residents.

San Diego County borders Mexico and has over fifty million pedestrian and vehicle crossings annually — the world’s busiest land-border crossing.

San Diego’s economy is greater than that of twenty-five (25) US states.

San Diego County resides on the former land of the Indigenous Kumeyaay peoples and is home eighteen Indigenous Tribal Nation’s reservations.

Key Demographics

2019 Demographic Profiles

2019 City Demographic Profiles

2019 Supervisorial District Demographic Profiles

2020 Estimated Population

Area2020 PopArea2020 Pop
Carlsbad114,463National City62,099
Chula Vista272,202Oceanside177,335
Del Mar4,268San Diego1,430,489
El Cajon104,393San Marcos97,209
Escondido153,008Solana Beach13,838
Imperial Beach28,055Vista102,928
La Mesa59,966Unincorporated505,675
Lemon Grove26,526Total County3,343,355

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Economic Strength