This map illustrates the process of an individual calling either 911 or the new Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) that is being deployed across the county over the next two years. This is a sample of the pathways for illustration purposes only. We aim to post a more accurate map at the earliest opportunity.

Data Source

This process map is an initial draft done solely as an example and includes:

  • Entities like 911, MCRT, Police, EMS, and others.
  • Major stages like the call and rationale, response determination, the response itself, and the disposition of the person in crisis.
  • The various data that might be derived from these entities.

For more about our hypothesis and ideas for deploying a systemwide toolkit including elements like this map see How it Works.

How you can help

Don’t see the map? Please contact us asap. Thank you!

We’re building this pilot to illustrate the value of a toolkit providing a wide range of capabilities to any user. At times the maps do not appear, which is a matter of their being created on the website and embedded on our site. We will soon host our own version of the underlying software which should alleviate this issue.