1. Choose a Template

Select a template from our library or, create your own. Click on the map to see how easy it is to make changes.

2. Make any Changes

Change shapes, colors, pathways then save to your device or cloud.

3. Share in our Forum

Share your maps in the forum for others to use and to get feedback.

4. Top Maps Promoted

Maps and diagrams confirmed by agency are adopted into collection. Other top maps are promoted by the community.

5. Open Content License

We use a CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons license giving wide latitude to use resources we provide hassle free. Most items simply require attribution to content creators. Read the license.

6. Open Source Code

The underlying mapping engine is built on an open-source license. Users can adapt deployments locally, typically requiring attribution. Read more about the Apache 2.0 license.

Features on the Roadmap

These elements are on our roadmap but, not yet prioritized. Give us your feedback on your wishlist of data or other information you would like to see developed.

7. Top Templates

A map and infographic template library, a rich resource other users can adapt and customize locally.

8. Top Submissions

A collection of the most popular maps and infographics developed and submitted by our team and our users,

9. Resource Directory

Collection of external resources useful to a wide range of stakeholders.

10. Event Calendars

Board, council, commission, council, committee meetings as well as key procurement-related events.

11. Procurement

Procurement documents like requests for information, qualifications, and proposals, and awarded contracts.

12. Plans and Reports

Analyses and reports of program Annual Plans and updates, Annual Reports, Data Books, and reviews.

13. Outcomes

Program and service delivery outcomes and evaluation data and reports. Embeds and links to available dashboards.

14. Best of Class

Catalog of best and promising practices, programs, and services resulting in high-success outcomes.

15. Gap Analyses

Critical reviews, Grand Jury reports and responses, and related documents.