Our pilot focuses on mapping the criminal-legal entities within San Diego County with a long-view towards integrating criminal-legal system data with other pertinent data from within and outside current county systems.

We will identify and map the systems, stakeholders, and datasets currently being used, as well as consider other internal and external data could prove beneficially consequential if they were made available.

Ultimately our goal is to identify opportunities that would improve information exchange and prove to be instrumental in significantly reducing incarceration, recidivism, and eventually intake rates.

Overarching Principles

The primary social principle driving our work is to eliminate existing racial and socioeconomic disparities of those pushed or otherwise drawn towards, engaged in, recovering from, or otherwise affected by, our criminal-legal system.

A primary system principle is that our work will be done on an open-source basis to encourage stakeholders, from internal or external advocates and practitioners, to have conversations and take actions that ultimately result in drastically reducing our incarcerated population.

If you are interested in participating in this early stage, or interested in our findings, please let us know.